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ANT Computer
We dedicate ourselves to the manufacturing of high quality products aimed at top performance and reliable service.
We are a developer and supplier of hardware in the field of automotive multiplex bus engineering. We support the design and development of in-vehicle networks by providing products as well as engineering support services.
Aaeon Electronics
AAEON is a professional supplier of Single Board Computers. We offer a variety of Single Board Computers for a wide range of industrial and embedded applications.
Adtech Engineering
Adtech offers a variety of open architecture hardware and software components, giving us flexibility to customize integrated systems that meet your needs.
Our family of small size, highly integrated single board computers and PC/104 modules are designed for all kind of embedded applications.
Ampro Computers
Ampro is the leading manufacturer of highly integrated, embedded-PC single-board computers and is the inventor of the PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and EBX standards.
Analog & Digital Peripherals
For the last 20 years, ADPIr has provided manufacturers, plant operators, engineers, field technicians, and others with reliable and cost-effective data acquisition and transfer products, as well as controllers.
Analogic DCP
Analogic DCP, a recognized leader in high-performance signal acquisition and processing, provides a growing family of embedded products, including complete CompactPCIr systems and a variety of advanced CompactPCI boards, as well as PC/104 data acquisition boards.
Arbor Technology
ARBOR Technology Corporation manufactures more than 100 different board-level, system-level, and fully integrated industrial microcomputer products for OEMs and end users who seek to automate their applications quickly and cost effectively.
Arcom Control
We have developed a comprehensive range of processor boards and I/O modules supporting a wide portfolio of market leading Operating Systems.
Armorlink Corp.
ArmorLink has over 400 ready-to-use industrial PC products available; single board computers, PC/104, Rackmount Accessories, LCD Workstations, Touch Panel PCs, servers and many more.
BMC Communications
BMC is the leading supplier and a full service manufacturer of test, simulation and interface products for multiple MIL-STD-1553 Dual Redundant boards, ARINC 429/419/453/565/571/575/582/615708/etc (2 and 6 wire protocols) and other avionics and commercial data buses.
We offer single board computers in PC/104 and proprietary form factors, and design services for semi-custom and full-custom PC/104, ISA, and proprietary form factors.
BittWare strives to be the leading supplier of SHARC-based hardware and software solutions, while providing our customers with innovative off-the-shelf and application-specific solutions for their high-performance real-time signal processing and I/O requirements.
Cell Computing
Cell Computing designs, manufactures, and markets the industry's smallest Pentiumr PC Systems-On-A-Module for the embedded computing industry.
Comark Corporation
Comark Corporation designs and manufactures custom PC-based industrial workstations, enclosure systems (NEMA 4/4X/12), 6 to 20-slot chassis (PICMG, PCI, ISA, PC/104), embedded processing solutions, distributed input/output systems, operator interfaces, process control/SCADA software, industrial panel and rack mount units, CRT and TFT displays, industrial keyboards and pointing devices.
Compulab Ltd.
CompuLab designs and manufactures miniature single board computers for embedded systems.
Computer Dynamics
We provide the broadest line of flat panel solutions on the market, incorporating many different panels, several touchscreen technologies, and backed by our solid base in board-level computers.
DSP Design
We have a complete range of processor and I/O boards which cover the requirements of the OEM market place. These products are easy to configure and offer a very convenient and robust method of embedding target PC applications.
EMJ Embedded Systems
EMJ Embedded Systems is dedicated to offering a full line of embedded products and services to the embedded marketplace.
Engenuity Systems
We provide products, design, and system integration services to help OEMs and end users integrate distributed control networks into new or existing systems.
Epson Electronics America
Card Products provide you a complete PC mother board functionality's so you can concentrate to develop your application to shorten the development time.
Erim Group
PC Light, ERIM registered trade mark, is a complete range of electronic cards (CPU, display interfaces, PCMCIA controllers, Input/Output cards, networks, ...) available in the main PC compatible industrial format (PC/104, Europe AT96, EBX, ISA, ...)
Eurotech SpA
Eurotech is one of the leader in the field of embedded high performance digital systems for industrial, telecomunication and scientific applications.
Evalue Technology Inc
Evalue Technology Inc. is an innovator of Applied Computing Solutions, providing a wide array of single board computers featuring integrated systems. With diversified OEM / ODM experiences, Evalue delivers the time-to-market solutions to customer's competitiveness. The building blocks of Evalue's total solutions include X86-based embedded computers, system platforms, embedded software, system engineering and integration services.
Excalibur Systems
Excalibur Systems, Inc. (ESI) is a leading manufacturer of high quality avionics test and simulation equipment. With over 100 products in our portfolio, ESI produces the most comprehensive line of test and simulation boards supporting all the major protocols and platforms, both military and commercial.
Whether it's a rugged chassis or a fully loaded system, Formosa Industrial computer offers a complete line of quality industrial and embedded rack mount computing products for all of your needs.
Gateworks specializes in industrial computer hardware for CompactPCI and PC/104 busses.
Global American Inc.
Global American, Inc is a dedicated supplier of single board computers cards, embedded controllers, industrial workstations, panel pc, chassis, backplanes, portable computers, serial cards and LCD displays
Granite Microsystems
Granite Microsystems is an engineering based manufacturer of custom integrated computers and computer related products. Offering complete solutions to original equipment manufacturers and industrial computer users, Granite provides a unique combination of manufacturing, custom integration and engineering services. We also offer single board computers, backplanes, panel solutions, power supplies, industrial enclosures, and companion accessories.
Our complete product line includes: surface mount and thru-hole DIP switches, keyboards,keypads and custom front panels, pushbutton switches, optical and mechanical encoders, rotary switches, I/O modules, racks and bases, pc-based control systems, and wireless LAN transceivers.
Hitex Automation
Welcome to the world of PC/104 Products, Fieldbus Systems and WindowsCE.
ICOP Technology
We not only provide IPC standard products, including Half-size Single Board Computers, PC/104s, 3.5"-sized Embedded Boards, etc., but also build embedded system which uses our embedded modules for making finished products such as CD-Duplicator, Fingerprint identification module, Web Cam, Gaming system, etc.
ICP Electronics Inc.
ICP Electronics Inc. is a technology based company that designs and manufactures Industrial Computer and associated products in a variety of form factors including PC/104 boards and Rackmount Cases.
Inside Technology
The world's leading manufacturer of highly integrated, ultra-compact, ultra-fast and fully PC-Compatible Single-Board Computers for use in embedded and industrial control applications requiring the use of either CRT-based or LCD, Flat Panel based Display Systems.
JUMPtec PC/104 and SBC products cover the full range of embedded PC's from a 386CPU card to a fully loaded Pentium including VGA-LCD and Ethernet.
Lyr Signal Processing
We provide developers of electronic embedded DSP systems with complete solutions to their design needs in order for them to speed up their development time and reduce necessary investments to get their ideas to the store shelves.
LiPPERT Automationstechnic GmbH
Design, production and project management of high tech and high quality microcontroller and Embedded PC Systems, especially for industrial applications in rough environments in the PC104 and CompactPCI form factors.
M-Systems develops, manufactures and markets a new generation of Flash based data storage solutions.
Provide state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions for today's industrial electronics market needs.
Megatel Computer (1986) Corporation of Weston, Ontario, is one of the leaders in small format, PC compatible microcomputers for the Embedded PC marketplace.
Micro Technic A-S
Micro Technic A-S has become a well-known manufacturer of industrial automation products, including a full line of ruggedized industrial PC-workstations, data collection- and access control terminals. The comprehensive product line also includes barcode- and magnetic stripe readers, communication systems and utility software.
Micro/sys offers a wide range of products, from 8051 microcontroller boards to Pentium-based embeddable PCs and turnkey industrial computers.
MicroDesign is structured to give customers maximum support through constant new product development, customization, quality control and cost-effective production teamed with a global sales organization.
Microcomputer Systems
The standard products of Microcomputer Systems for embedded applications include over fifty cards in the PC104, IBM PC and STD BUS format that are supplied with detailed User's Manuals including schematic diagrams.
Motorola Computer Group
Motorola Computer Group designs and manufactures a full line of single-board computers and systems utilizing a wide range of microprocessor technologies and operating systems.
NAGASAKI is a professional industrial computer designer and manufacturer of products including Single board CPU card, (from 386 up to Pentium-II), Compact PCI industrial computers and Industrial chassis.
National Instruments
National Instruments develops and manufactures hundreds of integrated software and hardware products, which, when combined with standard computers, are used to replace and/or communicate with traditional instrumentation and to monitor and control processes.
Nucleus Electronics (USA), Corp
Our product line consists of Complete Industrial Systems, CPU cards, Rack Mounted Chassis, ISA/PCI Bus Passive Backplanes, Multiport I/O cards and other PC/104 related products.
Octagon Systems Corp
Octagon is an industry leader for innovative solutions, user-oriented design and superior customer service. Our customers demand rugged and reliable embedded industrial computers such as the small Micro PC.
Oregon Micro
Oregon Micro Systems designs, manufactures, and markets intelligent motion control products.
PC Engines
Manufacturer of embedded PC hardware and tinyBIOS - a BIOS designed from the ground up for embedded PC applications
Rapid Controls
Rapid Controls Inc. manufactures industrial control electronics for industry in both the ISA and PC104 form factor.
Real Time Devices
Real Time Devices USA, Inc. designs and manufactures PC compatible embedded CPU & DAS board-level products, and HighRel ISA, PCI, PC/104 & PC/104-Plus modules and systems
SBS Technologies
SBS builds embedded computers that many of the world's largest companies rely on every day. SBS Technologies produces one of the widest arrays of embedded products.
SSV Embedded Systems
SSV EMBEDDED SYSTEMS is a part of the SSV GmbH in Germany. Since our founding in 1982, we have designed and manufactured a wide range of products for the embedded system and the factory automation market.
SCIDYNE manufactures innovative electronic products for embedded applications. We primarily serve the global industrial controls and OEM markets for which the inherent rugged and fault-tolerant designs of our products are ideally suited. Our product line includes plug-in boards for ISA and PC/104 bus architectures.
Sealevel Systems
We provide communications and I/O solutions for multiple platforms including PCI Bus, ISA Bus, PC Card (PCMCIA), and PC/104. Plus we've expanded our product line to include multi-port RS-232 and RS-422/485, high-speed Sync/Async, Digital / Relay I/O boards, and Solid State Disk emulation.
We design and manufacture electronic interface products for temperature sensors, video cameras, weighing scales, position sensing, pressure sensors and event monitoring. Our products also control the power to valves, relays, heaters, and motors.
The comprehensive source for DSP software and DSP hardware products.
Square One Industries, Inc.
Offers a full line of quality PC/104 modules, single board computers, CPU boards, rack-mount equipment and chassis, active and passive backplanes, and embedded control software products.
Technologic Systems
We have two major lines of products: our high speed data buffers and printer sharing devices, and our newer line of Embedded Single Board Computers
Teka Interconnection Systems
Exclusive manufacturer of Self Soldering connectors. By providing individual segments of solder and flux on each contact, Teka's connectors are processed with conventional SMT processes and equipment and eliminate; hand, wave, selective and intrusive reflow soldering, without adding any additional solder, solder paste or flux.
Teknor Applicom, Inc.
We have re-invented ourselves to engineer the next generation of single board computers, systems and platform solutions based on CompactPCI, PCI, PCI/ISA and PC/104 form factors.
Toronto MicroElectronics, Inc.
Toronto MicroElectronics Inc. (TME) designs and manufactures the world's most advanced and reliable standard and custom-made industrial single board computers (SBCs) and industrial computer system products for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) applications and industrial systems integrators
VersaLogic Corporation is a leading provider of rugged industrial computers to OEMs for embedded control and industrial control applications. We offer several complete product lines including STD and STD 32 Bus, Single Board Computers, PC/104 and PC/104-Plus.
Vesta Technology Inc. develops programmable controllers, for use in embedded systems, machine control, and OEM industrial applications. We encourage customers to try our Vesta Basic Integrated Development Language.
Warp Nine Engineering
Warp Nine Engineering is the premier provider of high-speed I/O connectivity solutions. Technologies include IEEE 1284, IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and USB. Warp Nine provides both hardware and software solutions including PC boards, Windows 95/98/NT device drivers, peripheral IC solutions and custom development services.
We specialize in the design and manufacture of embedded PC's for use in industrial and OEM applications utilizing 104, STD Bus, and Single Board Computer technologies.
Xycom Automation
Xycom Automation focuses on hardening our industrial PCs for unforgiving environments. Our industrial PCs have NEMA 4X and 12 ratings, which means you can select enclosures that are dust tight, drip proof, waterproof, corrosion resistant and appropriate for indoor or outdoor industrial use, according to your needs.
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