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January 31, 2002

Fonix and parvus Sign Collaborative Business Agreement to Deliver Speech Recognition Applications in Embedded Systems Solutions

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - JANUARY 31, 2002 - Fonix Corporation (OTC BB: FONX) and parvus Corporation today announced the signing of a collaborative agreement to promote mutual opportunities for implementing voice recognition technologies in embedded computer systems.

The new relationship between Fonix, a leading provider of speech for wireless and mobile devices, and parvus, a leading hardware developer and systems integrator of embedded control solutions, enables Fonix technologies to be implemented in parvus customer hardware systems. Both companies have agreed to a joint marketing and sales effort to encourage adoption of Fonix/parvus offerings. » Learn More

January 28, 2002

parvus' Computer Boards and Components to Be Offered in Australia and New Zealand through Distributor Electro Optics

SALT LAKE CITY and SYDNEY - JANUARY 28, 2002 - parvus Corporation today announced that Electro Optics Pty. Ltd., an Australian supplier of embedded electronics, will begin selling parvus' PC/104-based computing products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The new distributor agreement extends parvus' international sales efforts in the Australian and New Zealand markets, whereas parvus has traditionally focused its sales efforts on U.S.-based Fortune 1000, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the defense, aerospace, medical and light industrial fields. » Learn More

January 13, 2001 This article about Embedded Computers defines the most commonly used terms such as PC/104 and SBC, as well as some that aren't so commonly used. The article describes some SBCs that are compatible with Linux. It also describes other SBCs on the market today. » Learn More
December 17, 2000 The US Army has chosen to use RedHat linux as a operating system for embedded devices that the military uses to make vehicle diagnostics and predictive failure analysis. This is just the first step in testing Linux for the military. Read more about this can be found on Redhat's site. » Learn More
December 4, 2000 emWare Inc., Worldpool Corp. and Domosys Corporation have teamed up to produce a new level of sophistication in appliances. Under their agreement emWare will be using it's EMIT device networking software to communicate with upcoming Worldpool Appliances that will be internet-connected. Domosys will be providing the communication components to allow the devices to communicate over normal electrical wiring.
November 20, 2000 Path 1 Network Technologies has applied for a US patent for its TrueCircuitä scalable switch technology. The switch allows true optical speeds by allowing data to flow in a steady stream instead of as individual packets. The patent is still pending but the technology looks very promising as it will speed up data, voice and video connections by allowing the switch to process the information in one computer instruction instead of hundreds or even thousands as other switches do.
November 13, 2000 Embedded Performance Inc. (EPI) and ARM have reached an agreement which allows EPI world wide rights to distribute the ARM Developer Suite.» Learn More
November 6, 2000 Cahners EDN Access Coverpage story is about the past, present and the future of the PC104 interface.» Learn More
October 30, 2000 Tality Corp., a subsidiary of Cadence Design Systems Inc. announced that they have developed a platform for Bluetooth SOC (system on a chip) integration. The platform has a very modular architecture. It uses Tality's low power baseband controller core. It also uses Bluetooth protocol stack with a ARM SOC integration. The platform looks very promising. » Learn More
October 23, 2000 Cahners EDN Access's Design Feature this week is about engineers trying to make their designs harder to pirate. » Learn More
October 16, 2000 Motorola and Tundra Semi-conductor announced recently that they are creating a new Rapid IO technology. This new technology will support chip to chip and board to board transfer rates of up to 64 gigabits a second. » Learn More
October 2, 2000 Lucent Technologies, Microelectronics Group and Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector released the full details of their new DSP (digital signal processing) core. The StarCore SC110 DSP combined with the StarCore SC110 DSP complier will allow companys to devlop 90% of their code in 'C'. This is a breakthrough for those who need a DSP for their "System on a Chip" (SoC) designs. » Learn More
September 25, 2000 VenturCom and Embedded Planet announced today that they will be teaming up in order to provide better support and solutions to speed up the time it takes Windows CE 3.0 Systems to reach the market.» Learn More
September 22, 2000 Opera Software, Palm Technology Inc., and Trolltech announced today that they are forming a strategic alliance in order to better serve the wireless Asian Market.» Learn More
September 10, 2000 MontaVista Software has released a preemptable Linux kernel for embedded Linux devices. The kernel is Beta and is based on the pre-2.4 kernel set. The kernel can be download from MontaVista's FTP site (ftp.mvista.com). » Learn More
March 9, 2000 Embedded Linux Consortium Officially Launched: Rick Lehrbaum, who is currently in charge of www.linuxdevices.com and is a member of the PC-104 Consortium has put together a list of major players of both the Linux and embedded computer worlds. The site also has a list of the current committee members.» Learn More
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